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General terms and conditions of sale for the trips proposed on the website

1 - Booking and payment

1 - 2 Booking

To be confirmed, a booking must include the deposit specified in the detailed trip information sheet, so as to cover all non-refundable costs we will pay on your behalf (such as flights, hotel bookings, refuges, boat, local agencies, etc.). The deposit will be paid by cheque or bank transfer, and must be accompanied by a completed and signed booking form sent by post or email. The receipt of the deposit only constitutes a reservation if there are places available.

1.2 Payment

The invoice is sent to the client within 2 weeks of booking. The balance for the trip must be settled 30 days before departure, without a reminder on our part, and the booking will then be considered definitive. Any delay in payment of the balance may be treated as a cancellation whereby the cancellation costs stated in article 4 will be applied. All payments made less than 2 weeks before the departure date may only be made in cash, and may also incur additional costs for posting travel documents at the last minute.

2 - Travel information

2.1 Administrative and health requirements

This information applies to all French nationals. Foreign nationals must obtain information on administrative and health requirements from the relevant embassy or consulate. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure their documents comply with the information we provide. It is strongly recommended that the client check all information with the relevant authorities. We cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the consequences of the non-observance by the client of police, customs or health regulations. Any passenger who cannot board a flight, by failing to provide the necessary documents, will not qualify for any refund.

2.2 Information on security

We strongly advise you consult the information available from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs relevant to your trip via the internet site or by telephone on +33 (0)1 43 17 53 53. These information can change up to your departure date.

3 - Amendments by the client

Any changes to the trip before departure will be treated as a cancellation followed by a re-booking. This may result in a cancellation charge as stated in § 4

4 - Risks

By booking and paying a deposit, each participant acknowledges the risks involved in adventure travel of the type involved. These include, but are not limited to, injuries from avalanches, hiking, climbing injuries, hypothermia, altitude sickness, danger from animals, travel accidents, inaccessibility of medical attention and difficulty in evacuation from remote locations in the case of a medical emergency. They accept it with full knowledge of the implications and shall not therefore hold Top Ski Voyages & Aventure, their guides or local partners responsible for these risks, nor anyone claiming on their behalf and family members. We cannot be held responsible for an accident caused by individual carelessness, individual failure to follow the route as advised by the guide or even a deliberate hold up during the trip (in particular due to the weather).

5 - Insurance

We strongly recommend to subscribe to a travel insurance specifically tailored to our trips. The client should ascertain, before booking, the risks which are included in the cover. We recommend certain insurance companies, although clients remain free to choose insurance from a different company offering the same cover as those mentioned.

6 - Cancellation

6.1 Cancellation – Search, rescue and repatriation

Specific details for each policy are found within the documentation provided by your insurer. Under no circumstances will we be held responsible in litigation cases between our clients and these insurance companies. In the event of an application for insurance including search and rescue and repatriation being declined, our organisation cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for costs incurred by the client.

6.2 Delay or abandonment of trip

In the event of a delay or abandonment during the trip, resulting additional costs due to a change in the programme on your part without prior consent from us, or our partners, will not be reimbursed.

6.3 - Cancellations due to security conditions in the mountains and / or weather conditions

No abandonment or change as initiated by the guide to the original program provided to each group participant on the grounds of meteorological, unfavorable or dangerous security conditions will cause a reimbursement of all or part of the cost of trip.

Similarly if adverse weather or climatic conditions result in the inability to access the resort, complete transfers regardless of the transport available (private car, taxi, public transport, airplane, boat, etc) or in a change of all or part of the program initially scheduled, no full or partial refund of the trip can be claimed by the participants.

6.4 - Cancellation charges

If a client needs to cancel their booking, we must be informed by recorded mail as soon as possible. The reception date will be used as the cancellation date for insurance purposes. The cost of our activities is calculated based on the exact number of people taking part. The different charges during each trip and the cost of the guides are calculated and divided by the number of participants. In addition we also have our own cost for organising the trips: deposits to reserve hotels, helicopters, boats, etc. payments of flights, as far in advance as possible and for which we are not reimbursed in case of cancellation. Therefore we insist on the following conditions: In the event of a cancellation: • More than 30 days before departure : the deposit will not be refunded. • Less than 30 days before departure: 100% of the price of the trip is due. This will apply unless the client finds a replacement who will pay the full cost of the trip, in which case no sum will be deducted. We will charge you for the cancellation charges. If you have taken out cancellation insurance, upon payment of the cancellation, we will send you the necessary documentation to reclaim them from your insurance company.

7 - Costs

Our costs are based on the number of participants as stated in the brochure for each trip. In accordance with the law, we may be obliged to change our prices and programmes due to: • Variations in transport costs, in particular relating to the cost of fuel. • Variations in fees and taxes for services provided such as landing, boarding and disembarkation taxes. • Variations in charges applied to a particular trip. The price is final and definitive once the booking form has been signed. The price is expressed in Euros except mentioned otherwise and can only be modified in the cases authorised by law (variation in transport costs and fees, and taxes for services provided and price of the US dollar). If the price is modified for reasons mentioned above, we will inform the client by post at least 30 days before departure. In the event of a cancellation by one or several clients, the price of services for the remaining clients may be different from the initial one. Refusal by any client still booked on the trip to pay the new price, will be treated as a cancellation on their part, for which they will be subject to the provision of article 4.

8 - Air travel

8.1 Flights

Taking part in a trip where transport includes a chartered flight from an airline requires acceptance of the constraints involved: the regulation of numbers on certain flights may prompt the company to cancel or transfer a flight (overbooking).

In these circumstances we cannot be held responsible nor can compensation claims submitted by the client.

8.2 Timetables

The flight timetables for regular or special flights are not known at the time our programmes are finalized. The departure and arrival times may be very early or late. We recommend that you do not make any other plans on your day of departure or return. Under no circumstances can any costs related to departure or arrival timetables be covered by us or constitute a reason for a potential cancellation or a reimbursement of any kind.

9 - Animals Unfortunately we cannot allow any animals on our trips.

10 - Responsibility

In accordance with article 23 of law n° 92-645 of 13 July 1992, we cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the following events: • Loss or theft of flight tickets (airlines do not issue duplicates). • Failure to present or presentation of invalid identification and/or health documents or those without sufficient validity (identity card, passport, visas, vaccination certificates, etc.) or those that do not meet to the requirements of the country where the trip is taking place. In the event of insufficient documentation, 100% of the total cost of the trip will be retained. • Unforeseen and unavoidable incidents or events caused by a foreign third party occurring during the trip such as: wars, political unrest, industrial action unrelated to us, technical issues unrelated to us, air space congestion, bad weather, delays (in particular for security reasons), breakdown, loss or theft of luggage or other items. Delays as a result of circumstances as listed above, along with modifications to the itinerary or timetables which may follow will not be subject to any compensation whatever the reason, in particular for changes to the planned length of the trip or delayed connections. Additional potential costs due to a disruption (tax, hotel, parking, etc.) will be paid for by the client. • Cancellation as a result of circumstances of a force majeure and/or for reasons linked to the security of clients and/or through the intervention of an administrative authority. Given the nature of our trips, each participant must follow the advice and instructions given by us or our representatives. We cannot be held responsible for incidents, accidents or physical harm which may result from an individual’s carelessness. In accordance with airline transport conditions of contract governed by the Warsaw Convention, we strongly recommend you allow sufficient time for possible delays if you are using a connecting flight or train. Normally, group rate tickets are not changeable or refundable in the event of delays by the company or changes to the time of departure and transfer or cancellation of your trip.

11 - Claims

Except in the event of a force majeure and notwithstanding possible legal proceedings, any claims should be addressed to : Jean-Marc Kaufmann – Le Miroir – 73640 Sainte Foy Tarentaise – France in writing by recorded delivery within 20 days following the return date of the trip, together with supporting evidence.

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Travel terms and conditions of sale

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