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Trekking in Argentina and  Aconcagua ascent

Dates : Programme organized on request for a group of 4 persons minimum - Dates to decid with the group.


The highlights : Ascent of the highest peak in the Andes

                            A very good acclimatization to the altitude will guarantee the success of this program

                            The quality of the organization in collaboration with our local partners specialists for the ascent of this peak


Programme : Day 01 (Fri) Flight to Buenos Aires. From Paris (or another city) - Flight to Buenos Aires. Arrival in Buenos Aires - Transfers, free time overnight at hotel.

  1. Day 02 (Sat) Buenos Aires - Mendoza (757 m). Transfer to airport and flight to Mendoza (2 hour flight). Overnight at hotel. (Meals not included). 

  2.              Explanatory  Conference on Aconcagua. equipment inspection by our guides. Help to rent equipment if needed.

  3. Day 03 (Sun) Start of acclimatization Mendoza / Vallecitos. Approach for permit trekking. any equipment rental. Transfer to Mendoza Vellecitos to 2900 

  4.              m altitude. Night and meal at Mausy refuge.

  5. Day 04 (Mon) Cadent 4000m. Cadent ascent of 4000 meters. Dinner and overnight at the shelter Mausy

  6. Day 05 (Tues) Grand Camp Piedra. Ascent to camp Piedra Grand at 3400 m altitude. transport equipment with mules. Dinner and overnight in tents

  7. Day 06 (Wed) Adolfo Calle 4200 m - 4000 m Stepanek. Ascension crossing the Adolfo Calle 4200 m and Stepanek at 4000 m altitude. Back to Grand 

  8.              Piedra camp. Dinner and overnight at Grand Piedra camp.

  9. Day 07 (Thu) Vellecitos / Penitentes (2725). Piedra refuge descent to Grand Vellecitos. Transfer Vellecitos / Penitentes. Accommodation in the hotel. 

  10.              Preparation of loads for the mules. (Breakfast lunch dinner).

  11. Day 08 (Fri) Start of Aconcagua: Penitentes / Confluencia (3300). Transport to the entrance of Aconcagua Park. Presentation of license. Trek to 

  12.              Confluencia camp. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

  13. Day 09 (Sat) Confluencia / Plaza Francia. Trek to Plaza Francia (base of the South Face of Aconcagua), lunch and return to Confluencia. (Breakfast, 

  14.              Lunch, Dinner)

  15. Day 10 (Sun) Confluencia / Base Camp Plaza de Mulas (4260). Trak Base Camp Plaza de Mulas. Housing. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

  16. Day 11 (Mon) Base Camp Plaza de Mulas (4260). Acclimatization and reorganization of the material for the top. (Breakfast lunch dinner)

  17. Day 12 (Tues) Base Camp Plaza de Mulas / Bonete Summit (5100m) / Base Camp Plaza de Mulas. Trekking to summit of Mount Bonete and back to 

  18.              Base Camp Plaza de Mulas. This trek takes about 6 hours to reach una altitude of 5100 m. This allows ascension to perfect our acclimatization.

  19.              (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

  20. Day 13 (Wed) Base Camp Plaza de Mulas / Camp 1 Canadá (4910) / Base Camp Plaza de Mulas. Acclimatization trek and transport equipment to 

  21.              Camp 1 Canada and return to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

  22. Day 14 (Thu) Base Camp Plaza de Mulas / Camp 1 Canadá (4910). Ascent to Camp 1 Canadá. (Breakfast lunch dinner)

  23. Day 15 (Fri) Canadá Camp 1 / Camp 2 Nido de Cóndores (5250). Ascent to Camp 2 Nido de Cóndores. (Breakfast lunch dinner)

  24. Day 16 (Sat) Camp 2 Nido de Cóndores / Camp 3 Berlín - Cólera (5900). Ascent to Camp 3 Berlín. (Breakfast lunch dinner)

  25. Day 17 (Sun) Camp 3 Berlín-Cólera / SUMMIT (6962) / Camp 3 Berlín-Cólera. Ascent from Camp 3 Berlín - Cólera the SUMMIT and return to Camp 3.

  26.              (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

  27. Day 18 (Mon) Camp 3 Berlín - Cólera / Base Camp Plaza de Mulas. Descent to base camp Plaza de Mulas. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

  28. Days 19-20 (Tus and Wed) days extras due to contingencies or bad weather that may prevent the normal development of the program. (Breakfast, 

  29.              Lunch, Dinner)

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  31. Attention : hotel fees and meals are not included in case of Mendoza back down if these days are not used

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  33. Day 21 (Thu) Base Camp Plaza de Mulas / Puente del Inca / Mendoza. Descent to Puente del Inca. Transport to Mendoza. Accommodation at the hotel.

  34.             (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

  35. Day 22 (Fri) Transfer to the airport. Transfer Hotel / Airport. (Breakfast). Flight to Buenos Aires. Night hotel in Buenos Aires.

  36. Day 23 (Sat) Flight to France. Breakfast - Transfer Hotel / Airport - International flight to France (meals not included)

  37. Day 24 (Sun) Arrive in France


Best time of year : November to February


Other dates possible : For a group composed of 6 to 12 people minimum we can offer you an other date for this program


Number of days away : 24


Number of days hiking : 15 to 18 according to the speed of ascent of the group and the use of reserve days


Levels : Fitness - you need to be very fit.

              Technical ability - this is a tour that is achievable by all as long as you have been training for it - 5 to 7  hours steady/gentle walking per day with a

              vertical ascent of 1000m.

              The two most important things to help you avoid the undesirable effects of altitude and give you the maximum  chance of reaching the summit are:

              - walking at a very slow pace, even exaggeratedly slow so that you never get tired.

              - Drinking lots of fluids even if you do not feel thirsty.


Number of participants : 6 to 12 people with 1 french guide + 2 to 4 local argentinas guides. 


Guides : A French guide accompanied by a local English-speaking guide + kitchen team, porters and muleteers


Accommodation : In Buenos Ares, Mendoza and Penintentes the accommodation is in comfortable hotels.

                               During the trek accommodation is in tents + mess tent.


Formalities : You need a passport that is valid for more than 6 months. No visas.


Equipment to be carried : All the climbs can be completed with a day pack.

                                            Travel bags are transported by  vehicles  or  porters till the base camp.

                                            For the part of the summit ascent of Aconcagua you can seek the help of a personal porter whose cost will be in extra.


Local transport : Minibuses or 4-wheel-drive vehicles are used for all transfers during the trip.




PRICE : Depending of the number of people / € 5995 per person for a group of 4 people.

              + Flight from your departure place to Mendoza via Buenos Aires.

              + Extra for single rooms for nights in hotel or lodges during the trip.

              + Possibly personal altitude porter

              At the time we planned this trip, tickets cost approximately € 850.

Aconcagua ascent at 6952 m is a fantastic journey in high altitude and a personal chalenge


El Cerro Aconcagua or "Centinela de Piedra" at 6962 metres is the summit of the Americas and the highest mountain outside Asia.

This “giant” dominates all the 5,000 metre summits which surround it.


The difficulties encountered on the climb to the summit are diverse: fog, altitude, cold and wind.  The "Viento Blanco" (white wind) is a cold, strong wind that can blow violently for days. 

Temperatures can suddenly drop down to very low sub-zero conditions, so it is essential to come extremely well equipped against the cold.


The ascent of Aconcagua by the normal route does not present major technical difficulties.

The only tricky section lies just below the summit - the "Canaleta" is a corridor of rocks ascending more than 350 vertical meters with a 50 % gradient.


Depending on the season you can encounter firm hard-packed snow which can make climbing more difficult; crampons, ice axes and ropes are therefore indispensable.

Trekking in Argentina and  Aconcagua ascent
Trekking in Argentina and  Aconcagua ascent
Trekking in Argentina and  Aconcagua ascent
Trekking in Argentina and  Aconcagua ascent
Trekking in Argentina and  Aconcagua ascent


Trekking in Argentina and  Aconcagua ascent

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