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Dates : Friday, September 28 to Sunday, October 14, 2018


The highlights : A high probability of reaching the summit due to our in-depth knowledge of Tanzania and this  particular itinerary.

                            We have a local contact to deal with any problems inherent to Africa…

                            In order to avoid any problems due to altitude, a hyperbaric chamber is available.


Programme : Day 01 (Fri 28/09) Flight to Nairobi; Diner and night in a hotel in Nairobi.

  1. Day 02 (Sat 29/09) Transfer from Nairobi to Arusha with a privat minibus. Preparation of materiel and departure to Monela Lodge, at the bottom of Mont 

  2.              Meru .

  3. Day 03 (Sun 30/09) Monela Gate (1500 m) - Miriakamba Hut (2500 m) 4 h walking, partly in forest, many animals visible.

  4. Day 04 (Mon 01/10) Miriakamba hut 2500 m - 3820 m Little Meru. By a very good path it will take 4 hours to win the Saddle Hut refuge between the  

  5.              smallest and largest Meru. There will be more than an hour to reach the summit of Little Meru to 3820 m. Night at Saddle Hut refuge at 3500 m.

  6. Day 05 (Tues 02/10) Saddle Hut 3500 m - Mount Meru 4566 m - 2500 m Mirakamba Hut. Climbing the summit of Mount Meru 4-5 pm then back to 

  7.              Saddle Hut and descent on Mirakamba Hut 2500 m.

  8. Day 06 (Wed 03/10) Descent to the refuge on Mirakamba Momela Gate 1500 m - Overnight Monela lodge.

  9. Day 07 (Thu 04/10) Transfer, 2 H of road, Monela Machame and at the entrance of Kibo park at 1800 m. Ascent Machame Hut at 3000 m and slippery 

  10.              narrow tracks through a beautiful forest. Climb 1200 m - 5-6 hours of walking. Overnight in tents.

  11. Day 08 (Fri 05/10) Machame Hut 3000 m - 3840 m Shira Hut - Overnight in tents. Out of the forest to savanna dotted with trees like giant cactus. Ascent 

  12.              840 m - 5-6 hours of walking.

  13. Day 09 (Sat 06/10) Shira Hut 3840 m - 3940 m Barranco Hut - Overnight in tents. Walking in an area can steep, rocky low vegetation of wild beauty. 

  14.              Lava Tower climb up to 4570 m. descent to Barranco. Ascent 760 m - 3 to 4 hours. descent 2h.

  15. Day 10 (Sun. 07/10), Barranco Hut - Barafu Hut 4550 m; Overnight in tents. A day alternating ascent and descent to bypass the Kili from the south. 

  16.              Crossings of impressive hanging glaciers of Kibo. 6 hours of walking.

  17. Day 11 (Mon 08/10) Barafu Hut / Uhuru Peak 5895 m / Mweka Hut 3100m. Wake midnight for the final ascent. On unreal suspended between the 

  18.              glaciers Ratzel and Rebman in a steep and rocky slope. After 6 hours of walking we arrive with the first rays of sun on the crater rim at Stella 

  19.              points to 5800 m; It still takes half an hour on the often snowy peak of the volcano to reach Uhuru Peak at 5895 m; Back Barafu and descent to 

  20.              Mweka Hut. 1300 m to rise 7 to 8 hours; down 3 pm until Barafu then 2 hours to Mweka.

  21. Day 12 (Tue 09/10) Mweka Hut / Mweka Gate 1800 m / Arusha. Mweka Hut raid by raid, muddy trail circles the rainforest with an impressive luxuriance; 

  22.              Mweka Gate at the gates of the park Kili or diploma hugged you delivered. Home by drivers and transfer to Arusha; Meals and overnight at 

  23.              Moivaro Lodge Cafe super lodge on the outskirts of Arusha.

  24. Day 13 (Wed 10/10) Transfers of Arusha Tarengire Park. Visit this beautiful park is renowned for its concentration of elephants come to drink at the river 

  25.              and its Tarengire African savannah landscape dotted with clumps of acacias and baobabs many. Overnight in lodge in the park.

  26. Day 14 (Thu 11/10) Early start of Tarengire. Transfer to Ngorongoro National Park. Descent into the crater with 4X4 vehicles for the finest safaris that 

  27.              can be done in Africa. This crater has one of the richest faunas and concentrated: lions, cheetahs, rhinos, hippos, gazelles, wildebeest, many 

  28.              birds, zebras, etc ... etc ...  Night in a lodge overlooking the crater.

  29. Day 15 (Fri 12/10) Diverts to Nairobi. Overnight in Nairobi.

  30. Day 16 (Sam 13/10) Free visit to Nairobi. Flight to your destination back in the late evening.

  31. Day 17 (Sun 14/10) arriving at your final destination on Sunday morning for flights to Europe.


Other dates possible : For a group composed of 6 to 12 people minimum we can offer you an other date for this program


Best time of year : January to February - short dry season and June to October - long dry season.


Number of days away : 17


Number of days hiking : 10


Highest altitude of the climb : Between 1,800 and 5,895m on the Kilimanjaro.


Levels : Fitness - you need to be very fit.

              Technical ability - this is a tour that is achievable by all as long as you have been training for it - 5  to 7  hours steady gentle walking per day with a vertical 

              ascent of 1000m.

              The ascent of Kilimanjaro is the only really long  and strenuous day - 6.5 to 7 hours climbing  (1300m of  vertical ascent) and a 7 hour descent (2700m).

              The two most important things to help you avoid the undesirable effects of altitude and give you the  maximum  chance of reaching the summit are :

              - Walking at a very slow pace, even exaggeratedly slow so that you never get tired.

              - Drinking lots of fluids even if you do not feel thirsty.


Number of participants : 6 to 8 people per guide with the exception of pre-formed groups which may be larger.


Guides : A French guide accompanied by a local English-speaking guide, 2 assistant guides, a cooking team and 3 porters per person.


Accommodation : In Nairobi, Arusha and in the parks we stay in comfortable lodges in double room.. 

                                For the Kili ascent, we stay under canvas with a mess tent with camping tables and chairs.

                                Refuges during the ascent of the Mount Meru.

                                Porters  will transport 2 canvas cabins with a camping shower and toilet.


Formalities : You need a passport that is valid for more than 6 months + Visas for Kenya and Tanzania


Equipment to be carried : All the climbs can be completed with a day pack. Travel bags are transported by vehicles or  porters.


Local transport : Minibuses or 4-wheel-drive vehicles are used for all transfers during the trip.


Air Travel : Airline AIR-FRANCE


PRICE : € 4580 per person  excluding flights.

               + Flight to Nairobi - Kenya.

               + Extra for single rooms for nights in hotel or lodges during the trip.           

               At the time we planned this trip, tickets cost approximately € 750.


Another possible programme in Tanzania : Maasai Trekking - 12 Days


                   8 days of hiking in Maasai Country - Porterage with mules - Camps in the bush in tents

                   4-day visit Tarengire, N’Gorongoro, Serengeti parks - Nights in comfortable Lodges

                   Trek accompanied by a group of Maasai warriors


                   Contact us for details and prices about this program

The ascent of Mt Meru 4566m followed by the ascent of Kilimanjaro 5894m and stay in national parks of Tarengire and N’Gorongoro is an immersion in the heart of wild Africa


Eastern Africa – this is an unforgettable foray into an imposing and un spoilt environment where we focus entirely on the natural world around us.  The mythical summit of Kilimanjaro, “the roof of the continent”, at 5,896m is located roughly south of the equator in Tanzanian territory and can be seen from the Maasai plains which surround it.


This immense volcano with its well recognizable shape consists of 3 different summits. Shira to the west at 3,962m is a formed of orange coloured lava plateaus. To the east at 5,419m is Mawenzi, a beautiful group of orange colored jagged lava peaks to which access is particularly difficult due to the crumbly nature of the rock and to its steepness.  In the centre lies the characteristic cone-shaped Kibo where the upper edges are covered in glaciers known as “the Kilimanjaro snows”. At the summit, there is a vast semi-active plateau, the heart of which has been hollowed out leaving a deep crater. Wisps of white smoke and odors of sulphur often emanate from within.


There are many routes to the summit, but the Machame route that we will take is definitely the most beautiful and the one that affords us the best levels of acclimatizations. We will travel down via the Mweka route.  Following our climb, we will spend the night in a very nice lodge on the outskirts of Arusha.


To train for the walk and the altitude we will ascend the Mont Meru 4566 m; 4 days up and down.

To finish we will spend 3 days between the national parks of Tarengire and N’Gorongoro crater where we will find an exceptional concentration of wildlife and flora.  Our final day will be spent travelling to Nairobi for our return flight to France.

Trekking in Tanzania and Kilimandjaro ascent
Trekking in Tanzania and Kilimandjaro ascent
Trekking in Tanzania and Kilimandjaro ascent
Trekking in Tanzania and Kilimandjaro ascent


Trekking in Tanzania and Kilimandjaro ascent
Trekking in Tanzania and Kilimandjaro ascent
Trekking in Tanzania and Kilimandjaro ascent

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