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Trekking in Nepal, Dolpo Tour in Sherpa country
Trekking in Nepal, Dolpo Tour in Sherpa country
Trekking in Nepal, Dolpo Tour in Sherpa country
Trekking in Nepal, Dolpo Tour in Sherpa country

Dates : Saturday, October 20 to Saturday, November 10, 2018


The highlights : An exceptional hike on unspoiled trails in the Dolpo region.

  1. We will traverse several Sherpa villages and have close contact with the locals before arriving in the high mountain areas. 

  2. A great adventure for those who want to experience a Himalayan expedition with no great technical difficulty. 

  3. Experience the Sherpa culture, that of other Nepalese ethnic groups, and the bustling metropolis of Katmandu.


Programme : Day 1 (Sat 20/10) Flight from Paris in the late afternoon to Katmandu with Gulf Air.  Stopover and a night in Bahrain.

  1. Day 2 (Sun 21/10) Flight in the morning for Katmandu.  Arrive in Katmandu at the beginning of the afternoon.  Transfer to the hotel, Manaslu in the

  2.            town centre.

  3. Day 3 (Mon 22/10) Flight for Nepalganj, weather permitting.  Night in a hotel in Nepalganj.

  4. Day 4 (Tue 23/10)  Flight for Juphal, the start of the trek.  Short walk of 2 hours to Dunaî.  One night in the camp at Dunaî.

  5. Day 5 (Wed 24/11) Trek along the valley of the Barbung khola. Camp below the village of Tarakot 2590 metres. Trek: 5 hours.

  6. Day 6 (Thu 25/10) Visit Tarakot, an ancient fortress and caravan town, perched above Barbung Khola.  Walk to the confluence of Barbund Khola and 

  7.           Tarap Chu. Wool Camp at 3300 metre. Trek: 5 to 6 hours.

  8. Day 7 (Fri 26/10)  Hike to Tarap Chu along a difficult path, with steep cliffs: picturesque gorges, and the cliff caves.

  9.            Camp at Maure Odar at 3700 m.  Trek: 5 to 6 hours.

  10. Day 8 (Sat 27/10) Last trek day in the gorges to reach the valley of Tarap at 4050 metres. Camp at Dho Tarap. Trek: 7 hours.

  11. Day 9 (Sun 28/10) Day of rest and acclimatization. Visit the Tarap "Valley of Excellent Horses”.  Tok Kyu joins the hamlets built on both sides of the    

  12.            Tarap Chu. Buddhist temples and sanctuaries and bônpos, chôrtens and prayer walls "mani" mark the two valleys. The women sometimes wear 

  13.            splendid silver hats. Visit the Bonpo Monastery  “Ship Chhok". Overnight at Dho Tarap camp.

  14. Day 10 (Mon 29/10) Climb to the foot of the Numa Pass. Camp near Shering Gompas at 4500 metres. Trek: 5 hours.

  15. Day 11 (Mar 30/10) Crossing the Numa at 5310 metres. Fantastic views of Tarap and Tibet. Camp at the foot of the Basia la at 4600 metres. Trek: 7 

  16.              hours.

  17. Day 12 (Wed 31/10) Cross the Basia at 5170 metres and descend into the valley of the Sali Gad frequented by caravans of yaks returning from Tibet 

  18.              which are laden with salt and wool. The waters of Lake Phoksumdo clasped between red and ocher mountains. Camp of Yak Kharka at 3700 m.

  19. Day 13 (Thu 01/11) Hidden behind a hillock crowned by a chôrten, the village of Rigmo is detached from a forest of pines and junipers. Visit the 

  20.              monastery and the area around Lake Phoksumdo. Camp by the lake Phoksumdo at 3600 metres.

  21. Day 14 (Fri 02/11) Day of rest and exploration of the area around Lake Phoksumdo; Magnificent area considered one of the most beautiful in the world; 

  22.              villages, lake with turquoise waters, Buddhist temples.

  23. Day 15 (Sat 03/11) Descend from Sali Gad, we pass to Palmo, the winter village of Rigmo. Overnight camp in Sepka 2700 metres. Trek: 7 hours.

  24. Day 16 (Sun 04/11) A pleasant valley with fields of barley and mustard. Cross the Mugars village and arrive at Dunai at 2150 metres.  Trek: 6 hours.

  25. Day 17 (Mon 05/11) Last day of trek. Ascend from Dunai to Juphal 2550 metres. Trek: 4 hours. End of the Trek.

  26. Day 18 (Mar 06/11) Flight from Juphal to Katmandu via Nepalgunj. Overnight at Hotel Manaslu.

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  28. This itinerary may be slightly modified depending on the weather and the progress of the group.

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  30. The following 3 days maybe added at the beginning or the end of the stay according to the weather and internal flights to give us a ‘safety net’ if conditions are not favorable. These days will be used to visit Kathmandu and its surroundings with a French-speaking guide. We will stay in the heart of Katmandu during these 3 nights at the Hotel Manaslu.

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  32. Day 19 (Wed 07/11) After breakfast depart by car/bus to visit Swyambhu (Monkey temple), Katmandu Durbar Square, Patan Museum, Thousand 

  33.             Buddha and Golden Temple. Night in the hotel.

  34. Day 20 (Thu 08/11) After breakfast visit Buddhanath, Pashupatinath and Bhaktapur Dubar Square, Dattatraya Temple, Natayapola Temple, and the 

  35.              workshops of craftsmen making wooden sculptures, pottery and paper masks. Return to the hotel.

  36. Day 21 (Fri 09/11) Free day in Kathmandu. Flight in the late afternoon for Paris via Bahrain.

  37. Day 22 (Sam 10/11) Arrive in Paris in the morning.


Other dates possible : For a group composed of 6 to 12 people minimum we can offer you an other date for this program


Best time of year : End of September, after the rainy season until the end of November


Number of days away : 22


Number of days hiking : 14


Highest altitude of the climb : Col de la Numa at 5310 metres.


Levels : Fitness - you need to be very fit.

               Technical ability - this is a tour that is achievable by all as long as you have been training for it - 5  to 7  hours steady gentle walking per day with a vertical 

                ascent of 1000m.

               The ascent of Kilimanjaro is the only really long  and strenuous day - 6.5 to 7 hours climbing  (1300m of  vertical ascent) and a 7 hour descent (2700m).

               The two most important things to help you avoid the undesirable effects of altitude and give you the  maximum  chance of reaching the summit are :

               - Walking at a very slow pace, even exaggeratedly slow so that you never get tired.

               - Drinking lots of fluids even if you do not feel thirsty.


Number of participants : 6 to 12 people.


Guides : A French guide accompanied by a local English-speaking guide, 2 assistant guides, a cooking team and porters.


Accommodation : In Katmandu accommodation is in a comfortable 4 * hotel in a double room.

                                Typical but comfortable Nepali hotel in Nepalganj

                                During the trek the accommodation is in tents.


Formalities : You need a passport that is valid for more than 6 months + Visas for Nepal.


Equipment to be carried : All the climbs can be completed with a day pack. Travel bags are transported by vehicles or porters.


Local transport : Domestic flights + Minibuses or 4-wheel-drive vehicles are used for all transfers during the trip.


Air Travel : Airline GULF AIR


PRICE : 4450 € per person / includes trek taxes and return flights from Katmandu to Nepalganj and Nepalganj to Juphal.

              + Flight from your departure place to Katmandu / not included.

              + Supplement for a single room during the nights we spend in a hotel.

              The day we prepared this itinerary the airfare to Katmandu was approximately 750€.

A memorable trek in Nepal and Sherpa country and a tour of the mysterious Dolpo massif


The Dolpo is one of the most unspoilt and wildest regions of Nepal. 


This was the location of the film “Himalaya, the childhood of a leader”.  It was not by accident that this area was chosen; the scenery is magnificent and the dolpopas (the Buddhist masters) are not just film extras.


From the end of May to the end of November, the trails are traversed by caravans of yaks which crisscross the Dolpo.  They move slowly across the snow-covered passes at more than 5000 metres altitude to trade the rock salt of Tibet with the flour and spices of the middle valleys of Nepal.


The ambiance of this remote region of western Nepal, which has long been forbidden to foreigners, is deeply marked by Tibetan culture.


The highlights of this trip are the deep vertical gorges which lead to the villages of the Tarap, the locals  who live in a wild, harsh environment and whose lives are punctuated by rites and festivals which play homage to the rhythm of the seasons.  The features of this landscape are Photsumko lake, surrounded by blue pines, the Kanjiroba massif which rises to 6883 metres, the flat-roofed buildings, the chortens (Buddhist shrines) and the comings and goings of the caravans between Nepal and nearby Tibet.


Trekking in Nepal, Dolpo Tour in Sherpa country
Trekking in Nepal, Dolpo Tour in Sherpa country
Trekking in Nepal, Dolpo Tour in Sherpa country

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